It is five o’clock, Paris awakens – new music video released!

  • 08/04/2016

Myriam Darme and Maia Darme (Ensemble Traversées) perform a flute and harp duet cover of “It is five o’clock, Paris awakens” (Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille), iconic 1968 French song by singer-songwriter Jacques Dutronc.

Celtic Tales in Tunisia

  • 14/05/2015
Celtic Tales in Tunisia

Maia performing Celtic Tales by Jean-Philippe Vanbesalaere with the Tunisian National Orchestra at the Theatre of Tunis on May 10th, 2015.

She performed on an antique Erard harp belonging to the orchestra that was being played for the first time in almost 60 years.

Ensemble Traversées in concert, South West France mini-tour

  • 29/04/2015
Ensemble Traversées in concert, South West France mini-tour

Maia will be back to France soon for an exciting series of concerts in the Aquitaine region with the ensemble Traversées (flute and harp) as well as Dan Jones on guitar.

Thursday 14 May, 8pm, Carignan : flute and harp, Ensemble Traversées
Thursday 14 May,11h45, Mios : flute and harp, Ensemble Traversées
Saturday 16 May, 8pm, Mussidan : guitar, flute and harpe trio (European Night of Museums)
Sunday 17 May, 6pm, Bertric Biurée : guitar, flute and harpe trio


Affiche Traversées       11169718_892308927478736_7128502556759433478_o

A New Electric Harp

  • 05/04/2015
A New Electric Harp

In addition to her pedal and lever harps, Maia is now playing a black Camac electric harp. French harp manufacturer Camac built the first solid-body electric harp in the 1980s and this model, launched in 2010, is the latest development of the instrument.

The harp has 32 piezoelectric pick-up microphones, each one placed at the base of a string. Each microphone is mechanically coupled to its string, reacting to the pressure variations induced by the string’s vibrations. This technology is the most effective way to amplify a harp on large, loud stages, enabling clear, consistent tone throughout the entire range of the instrument without problems of feedback or bleed from other instruments.  Maia uses effects pedals with her instrument in the same way that electric guitarists would, altering in real time the sound of the harp. Of primarily carbonfibre construction, this harp weighs only 5kg, with a harness which allows Maia to move about while playing.

“I have been performing for a couple of years on a small wooden lever harp turned electro-acoustic. It is great for travelling, it is light and fits in the overhead luggage compartment of airplanes. I really wanted to use effects pedals and play my harp like an electric guitarist would, so I set it up with 3 pick-up microphones inside the soundboard. I also had a strap on it to play standing up on stage, something harpists are not used to doing. This home-made system worked well and allowed me to perform a variety of styles (pop-rock, experimental, hip-hop…), but my new harp takes it all to the next level. It is almost the same weight, I can wear it as well, I play the same kind of music and use effects and looper pedals in the same way than I did before. The difference is that it has more strings (including more bass; I can finally play a bass part!), a better sound quality and a more even sound, and the hassles of playing loudly with other instruments are gone. It is a solid-bodied instrument though, so there isn’t much sound when I’m not plugged in.”

Opening up to New Musical Styles

  • 27/01/2015
Opening up to New Musical Styles

Recording electro-pop/hip-hop at Asylum Records studio (producer Dr. Linus, collaboration with Mary Boyoi) and at 360 Media studio (producer Ivan) in Juba, South Sudan.

An Article in Culture for Friends Magazine

  • 12/12/2014

Click HERE to read the article about Maia published in the magazine Culture for Friends.

Culture for Friends Article

Harp Studies Are Taking off in the Dominican Republic

  • 29/11/2014
Harp Studies Are Taking off in the Dominican Republic

Four years ago Maia was living in the Dominican Republic, playing with the national orchestra and advising on the development of a harp curriculum at the national school of music. Today the dream has come true and the country not only has a new concert grand harp but also a brand new program for the development of harp studies in the Dominican Republic.

New Adventures in South Sudan

  • 17/09/2014
New Adventures in South Sudan

Maia recently dived into a new adventure by taking her bardic electro-acoustic harp to South Sudan. Pictured above, the harp wrapped in its cover after a presentation at a school in Juba, the capital.

School juba

Advocating Live Music in Tripoli, Libya

  • 18/05/2014
Advocating Live Music in Tripoli, Libya

Maia is proud to be contributing to Tripoli’s reborn live music scene. Here is a picture from a concert at the Corinthia hotel in Tripoli a few days ago, with artists from all over the country.

Music in Libya, a Few Pictures

  • 17/03/2014
Music in Libya, a Few Pictures

Jamming, practicing and recording in Libya with the small electro-acoustic ‘bardic’ harp.

Happy New Year 2014 from Libya

  • 28/01/2014
Happy New Year 2014 from Libya

Maia recently relocated to Libya with a small electro-acoustic bardic harp (pictured above). She will be based in Tripoli for several months to study Arabic and Berber traditional music and of course jam and perform along the way!

J.S. Bach’s Italian Concerto

  • 09/12/2013

The Italian Concerto (“Concerto nach Italienischem Gusto”: Concerto after the Italian taste, or Concerto in the Italian style) is a three-movement concerto for harpsichord solo composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. It was first published in 1735 as part of the second volume of Bach’s Clavierübung (Keyboard practice), together with the French Overture BWV 831. Both pieces are Bach’s interpretations of popular musical forms of the day.

An Italian concerto relies upon contrasts between the full orchestra and a small group of instruments which act as soloists. Bach imitates this effect on the two-manual harpsichord by using the lower (“forte”) manual on the harpsichord as the “full orchestra” and the upper (“piano”) manual as the “soloists”. The right hand generally takes the role of soloists, with the left accompanying and occasionally adding some more melodic material. In fact, this is one of the few works by Bach which specifically require a 2-manual harpsichord.

Played here is the first movement in F major. Although it lacks a tempo marking, it is always played Allegro (fast). It is composed in ritornello style, meaning a theme particular to the movement returns time and again.
Recorded live in Paris, France, 2013.

An Exciting New Release !

  • 21/09/2013

Here’s the result of a fun session at Studio 504 : Maia and Myriam Darmé’s take on the last James Bond’s theme song, Skyfall. They arranged Adele’s song into a flute and harp acoustic duet. Two flutes are being played here, a concert flute and an alto flute in G (which gives a lower, mellower tone).

A Few Pop Songs and Soundtracks Covers

  • 31/07/2013

Animusic is an American company specializing in the 3D visualization of MIDI-based music ( This is Aquaharp (composed by Wayne Lytle and featured on their first DVD) on a real acoustic harp. Performed by Maia Darme.

Solo harp cover of French singer Jean-Jacques Goldman’s song Comme toi.

An acoustic harp cover of Lucrezia and Cesare’s theme from TV series The Borgias. Original sountrack by Trevor Morris. Arranged and performed by Maia Darme.

Boieldieu Harp Concerto and Debussy Dances for Harp and Orchestra

  • 03/07/2013

With the Orchestra Henri IV, Paris, el 22 de junio de 2013

A New Song by Gotellfire is Out: Top of the Hill !

  • 18/11/2012

Check out how punk sounds on the harp (Top of the Hill, on the Sounds page).

Meet Gotellfire

  • 29/10/2012

Maia worked with Gotellfire on the band’s upcoming EP. We just released one of our songs, which you can already listen to online : Aurora !

Salzedo Variations

  • 01/10/2012

Carlos Salzedo’s Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style for solo harp. An extract of Maia’s Farewell Concert in Canberra, 2009. Recorded by and aired on Artsound fm.

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